Management Consulting


The BALUSTER Group incorporates both quantitative and qualitative principles in its Management Consulting practice.  Our team helps clients both improve and increase efficiencies in their organization and operational practices.  We develop plans to improve the operational performance of existing organizational problems through analytical methodologies.

Engineering Consulting


The BALUSTER Group provides engineering consulting services in chemical, environmental, mechanical, and industrial engineering.

Litigation Support


The BALUSTER Group has subject matter experts that have experience in testifying as an expert witness in several engineering and regulatory areas.  Our experts have testified in transportation related cases, as well as, construction related cases.  

Environmental Consulting


The BALUSTER Group provides environmental consulting services such as the development of environmental impact statements (EIS) and other NEPA related documents.  In addition, we complete risk based analytical analyses, emissions monitoring and feasibility studies.

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting, management consulting


The BALUSTER Group specializes in regulatory and compliance matters from a management,  technical and engineering basis and complete risk vs consequence analyses that have a direct impact on a client's financial bottom line.

Transportation Consulting


The BALUSTER Group's transportation practice includes subject matter experts in the automotive, commercial vehicle, railroad and aviation modes. top consulting firms engineering consulting management consulting